Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wanted feedback!

Does anybody read my post?
OK so I have posted three times, The only thing I’m missing is your feed back! I love to write My dream is to be a paid writer someda,y but we will see if that happens.  I have been on my new meds for a few days now. Its the same as before sometimes I feel good other times I don’t. It is so freaking hot in Dallas today as its supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. I wish I could move! I wish I could be totally independent, I have thought I might want to live in LA you know since its 72 degrees there while we are sweating but I'm not sure! It is expensive there! And I’m not a model/actress type nor do I want to be, I'm me!!! I love me, I just wish I didn’t have endo and Fibro. I wish I could run, hike, play basketball, football, softball and go hang with my friends! I miss our dinners and good talks. And I never see movies anymore! I’m still able to do some of these things I just don’t very much! Anyway Thanks for listening to me ramble


  1. Hi Jennifer, I am a random blog reader but am catching up with your blog today. You said you want to be a writer someday - you mean a paid writer? You are already a writer - you write, and can instantly self-publish online. pretty cool! You are young - they are bound to get you feeling better one of these days!

  2. Hello - I'm reading! I have endo too - even still after "major" surgery. Now on tope of it all I have severe bone pain! Such is the life I suppose. I'm going to catch up on your blog - just happened upon it today! Hang in there dear.