Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been wanting to write for a long time. The thing that got me started was the new fashion blog that advertising for writers, So I emailed them and got the info. I actually took the leap and I decided to see what would happen. Well they accepted it and they even tweeted about it. I was on cloud 9. I was so giddy you would have thought that a cute man would have asked me out. No one of my dreams has come true :) !

So the frustrating part,my next two more articles didn't show up.  The first one I just though maybe they didn't publish it because not every body related could relate to it. So I resolved to make the third one even better. I spent almost a day and a half on this article. I wrote, rewrote this one, I checked and rechecked it. I waited and I checked it but they never published it. So I emailed them yesterday  to see what I was doing wrong if their was a certain type of article they were looking for.
They emailed me back saying the did not receive them. I though i just saved it wrong so I just saved it a different way. Well Ive emailed them and tried saving it three plus times, and they still aren't getting them. Urrghh!!!! They think that something is wrong with my account! So in my last email I included every thing I did. Hopefully they will get it fixed. One plus is that they did tell me that the article that they did receive was great! :) Oh well If its meant to be it will be !
 I did hear from them and it was my fault. The company gave me two blog publishing sites, one for their site and one for my personal use. I was publishing the blogs to my personal site instead of their site. I got into my personal site copied and pasted the articles, along with editing them one last time. And they were published and the problem was solved.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The article that I posted in a local ashion blog.

Should I Wear Light or Colored Clothing After Labor Day

Ah the age old question. Should I wear this or Should I listen to what mom/grandma/aunt says? This is especially hard for those of us in the south because even though calender says fall, the weather doesn't agree. So we have the choice, sweat with the darker colors or keep wearing our summer fashion and break the rules?
 Within the last few years fashion experts have come out and said that it is now ok to wear white after Labor Day, despite the horror of the baby boomer generation, they even have a name for it Winter White. The younger generation can rejoice . At last we don't have to sweat under the heavy dark blue and blacks, and we are able to prevent our deodorant budget from going out of control.
But we have to deal with the older generation nagging us!  A few days after labor day my  mother who is adapting to the new found revelation that white is now acceptable after Labor Day, reminded me that I need to change my purse to a darker color, Whats a woman to do?  Listen to the fashion icons that she trust or be nagged by the mother that she adores. Ok I must admit I listen to mother but for my own reason, last Winter I got a dark brown bag that I loved. Truthfully I had missed it so much, I caved but it was by my own choice.
So I have come to the conclusion that its up to us the individual to make our own choices, Whether it is a fashion piece that we have formed a bond with or we wake up feeling hot or cold that morning. Fashion is about being who you are, what makes you comfortable! I have learned that part of being sexy is feeling sexy, others notice too. Look around the room who is attracting the most attention? The people that have the most self confidence that's who. It doesn't matter what they are wearing. They know they are the bomb and others know it to. So when you wake up tomorrow morning before you get dressed remind yourself that you are totally awesome and believe it, And whatever you pull out of you closet will look Amazing!

Article that I wrote from my experiebces shoe shoping!

    I have never been able to share or borrow a pair of shoes from a friend, with one exception. I was in college and I decided to go to a semi-dressy banquet at the last minute (I like most college students had left all of my dressy shoes and clothes at home which was only an hour away.) So I went to my friend who stood at an incredible 4’11 but was from 4 hours away so she had most of her wardrobe with her. We tried on shoes till I found what would go with my outfit. I was desperate, which is why I tried to imagine away the tiny pinch that the shoes caused. Yes, these shoes were two small for me! Well The banquet came and went but you can imagine what my feet felt like at the end of the night - Ouch!

Thankfully my mother is a 6-6.5 so we can share shoes, but I do have another friend who has feet that are  smaller than mine. She has spent weeks shoe shopping for summer shoes. I mean we are talking she has covered all of the Dallas malls in search of one pair of shoes that she can wear. There are large department stores that don’t even carry her size. I feel for her, I know what she goes through!
There have been countless times that I have gone into a store, found the perfect pair of shoes only to here we don’t have your size. I differ in shoe size between virtually every pair of shoes that I own so I have to try on every pair of shoes and walk in them before I make a purchase. There are many times the sales men have brought out four pair of the same shoe to try and fit me. I have learned to go to different stores so they won’t run from me. I also really like Payless Shoes, because you can help yourself, they do have a lot of selection, and the shoes are too fabulous for words.
Things do come in all different sizes small, larger, medium extra large etc. I have found that the harder you search for something, the more value it has to you because of the effort you had to put into to find it. So I cherish my shoes I get the full use out of them literally. J So next time your shoe shopping and u find that perfect pair of shoes and they fit! Be Thankful because there’s always someone else who is searching for them as well.

I know most women complain that they have trouble finding shoes because their shoe size is common or because they have larger feet than most! I, however have a slightly different problem, my feet are two small. I’m a 5.5 or on a good day a six.

Article I wrote advertising a high end Jewerly company in NYC!

Amazing International Jewelry Line That Hopefully Comes to Dallas!

Jewelry is something that is necessary to complete an outfit. Sometimes we run into the situation where the right piece can be difficult to find. Have you ever had an outfit that just needs that special touch, such as a gun pendant or a simple gold ring? These unique pieces are just some of the items you can find at the international jewelry line, Atelier Minyon located in New York City
    This line has been featured in all of the top fashion magazines. Brooke Shields has be seen on the red carpet, and on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson wearing this Jewelry. I know that many Dallas residents love to travel up north for a break from the heat, to see the wonderful fall colors , or to see the wonderful snow. So for those of you that are lucky enough to visit NYC, I have found another destination for you to go to.
    Atelier Minyon is a Turkish Jewelry line designed by Alp Sagnak. They currently have six stores in Turkey and one store in the United States located in New York. They are how ever looking to expand their line. They will be available on the fashion jewelry web site They also hope to sell their line locally in one of the major stores here in Dallas.
    Erin, the person that I talked with about Atelier Minyon states that ”We have two sides: Classic and Edgy (Jekyll and Hyde personalities we say ;) which is why you will see very traditional and bold Turkish collections then really wild and designer edgy collections.”
    While I was looking at their line one of the things that stood out to me was from their Six Shooter/Bullet collection. The piece was a tiny little pendant that is shaped like a gun. Being the Texas girl that I am I immediately thought of how it would compliment any outfit for those western themed fun raisers .or it would be great addition to the an outfit when going for a night out on the town.   
    Erin told me that the Six Shooter line was explicitly inspired by at trip that she took with Alp (the designer) to Dallas last winter. Alp really took to the Texas Culture, so after making a stop at a local Cavendar’s, went home at went to work designing this incredible new line. He is now the proud owner of the nickname “Turkish Cowboy”!
    My favorite piece from the Classic side of the line was stackable rings from the Pascha line. "Pascha" means sultan in Turkish. These rings have simple bands with a square shaped solitaire in the middle. These rings look great alone, in groups of two or three, or combined with one of their skull rings.
    What I enjoy about this line is that is unique yet classy, which is something I try to incorporate in my daily style. I am really excited for this line and I hope they come to Dallas but until they do, I have been assured that they take orders in-line and over the phone! Take a moment to look at their website, you might find something that will complete your look.

What this Blog is about!

Hi, I'm Jen I'm a writer. I will us this blog to tell you about my journey to publish my work. I will also show case the articles that I have written. I also will periodically update about things I am passionate about. I am a Christian women who loves her Lord with all that is within me. This blog will also remain PG. I believe that certain things have no place on the Internet (and definitely not on this blog) So you can feel free to let children browse. I have written three articles to date. One which was featured in a local fashion blog. I am getting better at spelling/grammar so bear with me.
I also want to educate the world about the two diseases that are a part of my life, Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia. They are both diseases that cause pain. Endometriosis causes menstrual pain while Fibro causes pain in my joints all over my body. It is truly a daily struggle, but with medicines and understanding people around me I will overcome it.
I hope you enjoy my blog.