Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been wanting to write for a long time. The thing that got me started was the new fashion blog that advertising for writers, So I emailed them and got the info. I actually took the leap and I decided to see what would happen. Well they accepted it and they even tweeted about it. I was on cloud 9. I was so giddy you would have thought that a cute man would have asked me out. No one of my dreams has come true :) !

So the frustrating part,my next two more articles didn't show up.  The first one I just though maybe they didn't publish it because not every body related could relate to it. So I resolved to make the third one even better. I spent almost a day and a half on this article. I wrote, rewrote this one, I checked and rechecked it. I waited and I checked it but they never published it. So I emailed them yesterday  to see what I was doing wrong if their was a certain type of article they were looking for.
They emailed me back saying the did not receive them. I though i just saved it wrong so I just saved it a different way. Well Ive emailed them and tried saving it three plus times, and they still aren't getting them. Urrghh!!!! They think that something is wrong with my account! So in my last email I included every thing I did. Hopefully they will get it fixed. One plus is that they did tell me that the article that they did receive was great! :) Oh well If its meant to be it will be !
 I did hear from them and it was my fault. The company gave me two blog publishing sites, one for their site and one for my personal use. I was publishing the blogs to my personal site instead of their site. I got into my personal site copied and pasted the articles, along with editing them one last time. And they were published and the problem was solved.

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