Friday, September 24, 2010

Article I wrote advertising a high end Jewerly company in NYC!

Amazing International Jewelry Line That Hopefully Comes to Dallas!

Jewelry is something that is necessary to complete an outfit. Sometimes we run into the situation where the right piece can be difficult to find. Have you ever had an outfit that just needs that special touch, such as a gun pendant or a simple gold ring? These unique pieces are just some of the items you can find at the international jewelry line, Atelier Minyon located in New York City
    This line has been featured in all of the top fashion magazines. Brooke Shields has be seen on the red carpet, and on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson wearing this Jewelry. I know that many Dallas residents love to travel up north for a break from the heat, to see the wonderful fall colors , or to see the wonderful snow. So for those of you that are lucky enough to visit NYC, I have found another destination for you to go to.
    Atelier Minyon is a Turkish Jewelry line designed by Alp Sagnak. They currently have six stores in Turkey and one store in the United States located in New York. They are how ever looking to expand their line. They will be available on the fashion jewelry web site They also hope to sell their line locally in one of the major stores here in Dallas.
    Erin, the person that I talked with about Atelier Minyon states that ”We have two sides: Classic and Edgy (Jekyll and Hyde personalities we say ;) which is why you will see very traditional and bold Turkish collections then really wild and designer edgy collections.”
    While I was looking at their line one of the things that stood out to me was from their Six Shooter/Bullet collection. The piece was a tiny little pendant that is shaped like a gun. Being the Texas girl that I am I immediately thought of how it would compliment any outfit for those western themed fun raisers .or it would be great addition to the an outfit when going for a night out on the town.   
    Erin told me that the Six Shooter line was explicitly inspired by at trip that she took with Alp (the designer) to Dallas last winter. Alp really took to the Texas Culture, so after making a stop at a local Cavendar’s, went home at went to work designing this incredible new line. He is now the proud owner of the nickname “Turkish Cowboy”!
    My favorite piece from the Classic side of the line was stackable rings from the Pascha line. "Pascha" means sultan in Turkish. These rings have simple bands with a square shaped solitaire in the middle. These rings look great alone, in groups of two or three, or combined with one of their skull rings.
    What I enjoy about this line is that is unique yet classy, which is something I try to incorporate in my daily style. I am really excited for this line and I hope they come to Dallas but until they do, I have been assured that they take orders in-line and over the phone! Take a moment to look at their website, you might find something that will complete your look.

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