Friday, September 24, 2010

Article that I wrote from my experiebces shoe shoping!

    I have never been able to share or borrow a pair of shoes from a friend, with one exception. I was in college and I decided to go to a semi-dressy banquet at the last minute (I like most college students had left all of my dressy shoes and clothes at home which was only an hour away.) So I went to my friend who stood at an incredible 4’11 but was from 4 hours away so she had most of her wardrobe with her. We tried on shoes till I found what would go with my outfit. I was desperate, which is why I tried to imagine away the tiny pinch that the shoes caused. Yes, these shoes were two small for me! Well The banquet came and went but you can imagine what my feet felt like at the end of the night - Ouch!

Thankfully my mother is a 6-6.5 so we can share shoes, but I do have another friend who has feet that are  smaller than mine. She has spent weeks shoe shopping for summer shoes. I mean we are talking she has covered all of the Dallas malls in search of one pair of shoes that she can wear. There are large department stores that don’t even carry her size. I feel for her, I know what she goes through!
There have been countless times that I have gone into a store, found the perfect pair of shoes only to here we don’t have your size. I differ in shoe size between virtually every pair of shoes that I own so I have to try on every pair of shoes and walk in them before I make a purchase. There are many times the sales men have brought out four pair of the same shoe to try and fit me. I have learned to go to different stores so they won’t run from me. I also really like Payless Shoes, because you can help yourself, they do have a lot of selection, and the shoes are too fabulous for words.
Things do come in all different sizes small, larger, medium extra large etc. I have found that the harder you search for something, the more value it has to you because of the effort you had to put into to find it. So I cherish my shoes I get the full use out of them literally. J So next time your shoe shopping and u find that perfect pair of shoes and they fit! Be Thankful because there’s always someone else who is searching for them as well.

I know most women complain that they have trouble finding shoes because their shoe size is common or because they have larger feet than most! I, however have a slightly different problem, my feet are two small. I’m a 5.5 or on a good day a six.

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