Friday, September 24, 2010

The article that I posted in a local ashion blog.

Should I Wear Light or Colored Clothing After Labor Day

Ah the age old question. Should I wear this or Should I listen to what mom/grandma/aunt says? This is especially hard for those of us in the south because even though calender says fall, the weather doesn't agree. So we have the choice, sweat with the darker colors or keep wearing our summer fashion and break the rules?
 Within the last few years fashion experts have come out and said that it is now ok to wear white after Labor Day, despite the horror of the baby boomer generation, they even have a name for it Winter White. The younger generation can rejoice . At last we don't have to sweat under the heavy dark blue and blacks, and we are able to prevent our deodorant budget from going out of control.
But we have to deal with the older generation nagging us!  A few days after labor day my  mother who is adapting to the new found revelation that white is now acceptable after Labor Day, reminded me that I need to change my purse to a darker color, Whats a woman to do?  Listen to the fashion icons that she trust or be nagged by the mother that she adores. Ok I must admit I listen to mother but for my own reason, last Winter I got a dark brown bag that I loved. Truthfully I had missed it so much, I caved but it was by my own choice.
So I have come to the conclusion that its up to us the individual to make our own choices, Whether it is a fashion piece that we have formed a bond with or we wake up feeling hot or cold that morning. Fashion is about being who you are, what makes you comfortable! I have learned that part of being sexy is feeling sexy, others notice too. Look around the room who is attracting the most attention? The people that have the most self confidence that's who. It doesn't matter what they are wearing. They know they are the bomb and others know it to. So when you wake up tomorrow morning before you get dressed remind yourself that you are totally awesome and believe it, And whatever you pull out of you closet will look Amazing!

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